Async communication

August 09, 2022

What is asynchronous communication?

We are used to communicating synchronously across all media, in person, audio/video calls, email or direct messages (WhatsApp, Slack, etc). But Except for answering and audio/video calling, the rest can be done asynchronously and more efficiently for everyone.

You must have already received or sent a direct message like this: "Good morning, how are you doing? Can you help me with an error”.

When the other person reads this, they first don't know how much help they need to offer and if it fits at that moment, and will text back to get more details.

But this can be different, you don't have to stop being cordial and polite, but you can be more objective: “Good morning, how are you? I have this error X999 on ABC system, I already tried to do x and y, but both didn't work, do you have any suggestions to help me?”

That way, when the person reads the message, in their time, it won't depend on you to respond to know what they need to do.

This goes for everything, emails, personal messages, customer support chat messages, etc.

Created by Alexandre Araujo, 2022