My technology principles

July 09, 2022

I rely so much on technology for most of the aspects of my life, like work, study, collecting digital stuff, contacts, health, finance and others. Even that I'm a developer and could code all the tools I need, it would be a waste of time to rebuild and maintain all these tools. So balance between custom tools and commercial tools. From the commercial ones, I choose the ones based on these principles:

  • Should be multi-platform with web, mobile and desktop: I’m comfortable to change the type of the device I use without need to rethink my tools.
  • Have a good maintenance and focus on long term: I can set up and use for years to come without worry to migrate just because the tool didn't work with the latest device.
  • Have a reasonable price: I always opt for the paid version because If the developer make money direct from their clients, their loyalty will be with them, not other business.
  • Be easy to export the data on a human read format: This is key to be free to migrate to another tool if I need and also to keep frequent copies of the data on my custody.


Created by Alexandre Araujo, 2022